Delicious Freshness

Even healthy food should taste great!

Our chefs deliver incredible flavor, sparing no ingredient, but focusing on portion control instead.

How do we ensure great flavor, while remaining healthy?

  • We use just barely enough salt (to keep it sodium conscious), and let our customers season to taste.
  • We choose only the best cuts of protein, which is always Hormone Free* and Antibiotic Free**.
  • We don’t add any preservatives to our meals, but use High Pressure Pasteurization to keep the meals longer lasting. 
  • We choose ingredients that have natural flavors of their own that taste great, and try hard to add nothing extra.
  • Where appropriate, we add healthy spices and herbs to add just enough of the precise healthy flavor that our customers love.

*federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.

**all proteins in the U.S. must be free of antibiotics at the time of processing.