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Our Story

Perfect Fit Meals (PFM) is the early to market vendor of premium healthy and fresh ready to eat (RTE) meals with extended shelf life.  The RTE meals are USDA certified, hand crafted, portion-controlled, and dietitian designed for busy consumers who value the integrity of whole-some and healthy cooking.

PFM’s USDA certified kitchen and professionally trained staff is based in Houston, TX.  Started in early 2010, the meals are currently sold through Kroger stores in Houston, Dallas, and Detroit metro areas.  Operations are expanding to new grocery retailers and new geographic locations.


Product Offering:

17  SKUs are currently available including an assortment of items, menu updates, and seasonal entree varieties.  The meal format is also optimized for auto-merchandisers.  

PFMs meal packaging won “Best Design” award at the GD USA American Package Design Awards in 2014.  Fresh and healthy meal solutions are portion-controlled with reduced levels of sodium and Sugar.  In support of the expansion plan, PFM is offering the following value-add programs:

  •      Launch Programs
  •      Promotional Program
  •      Private Label Program


Combined Benefits:

PFM’s product has the potential to belong to one of the fastest growing categories in the retail space as over-all chilled meals remain an underdeveloped segment.

Attractive BPA-free transparent packing provides an appealing and healthy alternative to traditionally packed items.

PFM’s hand crafted meals differentiate itself to other RTE  meals that are high in sodium and sugar.  The dietitian designed, non-frozen offerings have an attractive appearance and delicious flavor.  The company’s customer driven meal development program ensures that the meal variety, seasonal menu options, and protein options are always aligned with up-to-date customer trends.


Shipping / Material

Pallet size: 48″ x 40″
Pallet count: 840 White Tray meals or 210 cases
White Tray 4-Pack Case Dimensions:  9.93″ L x 6.62″ W x 6.12″ H
White Tray Dimensions: 8.93″ L x 6.25″ W x 1.34″ H 


Distribution location:

Houston, TX